so long

So Long, and Thanks for all the Tunes

Dear Cool as Fuck Community

We bring this announcement to you with great sadness and heavy hearts. Due to both a lack of time and lack of money, we’re forced to call it a day on the WKRB front. It’s definitely been real.

Including today and this week, we’ve got three weeks left in the tank. That means this message will also double as a FINAL CALL TO ARTISTS to submit your Cool as Fuck music to be featured. EPs, tracks, mixes, albums…whatever. Get us your material by sharing a Dropbox with as soon as possible so that we can go out with a bang, featuring the best music this community has to offer.

Be a lamb and share this message for us. We want to go out swinging. And nobody swings from the hip like the WKRB Crew.

So long, and thanks for all the tunes.

Peace out…
The WhizzKids

poetry africa feat final

/Poetry Africa – Live Broadcast

We’re quite proud to announce yet another landmark in the life of WKRB. In its 17 years, Poetry Africa and the beauty of the spoken word, organised by the Centre for Creative Arts at UKZN, has never been streamed to those far and wide via the internet. We will be at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre for the opening night, on Monday 14th October from 7pm, to bring you the presentation of the participating poets. Featuring 31 participants from 8 different countries, it’s a full-blown International Poetry Fest. Find us another radio station bringing you content this Cool as Fuck.

If you wish to find out more about the poets and artists involved, join the Facebook event and read through the description. Poetry Africa will be running all week, don’t miss out.

Here is the order of performance for the evening, starting 7pm. All poets will be given more or less 5 mins:

LINEUP: Afric McGlinchey (Ireland), Ari Sitas (South Africa), Barnabé Laye (Benin), Billy Ramsell (Ireland), Busiswa Gqulu (South Africa), Ian Kamau (Canada), Kabomo Vilakazi (South Africa), Kobus Moolman (South Africa), Kole Oluwatoyin (Nigeria), Khulile Nxumalo (South Africa), Lesego Rampolokeng (South Africa), Lex LaFoy (South Africa), Malika Ndlovu (South Africa), Mandi Poefficient Vundla (South Africa), Natalia Molebatsi (South Africa), Paul Casey (Ireland), Langalibalele F. Mathenjwa (South Africa), Pura Lavisa (South Africa), Raphael d’Abdon (Italy), Raven (USA), Sabitha TP (India), Sanelisiwe Ntuli (South Africa), Vivek Narayanan (India)


poetry africa wkrb stream



/Durban Electronic Festival – Veranda Panda Exclusive

By now, the anticipation of another epic party weekend is almost at fever pitch. This weekend, its the turn of the electronica kids to make Friday night a distant blur come the rude awakening of Monday morning.

The Durban Electronic Festival (D.E.F) starts bright and breezy on Friday 20 September at 11:00, and runs through to the climax on Saturday night, the 21st, with an epic street party at The Origin. WhizzKid favourites, Veranda Panda, have put together a track exclusively for the festival, in conjunction with Red Bull Studios Cape Town. It’s called ‘Savage’, and well, the name speaks for itself:

 Yesterday, we saw a brutal remix of this track getting dropped from Durban drum and brass stalwart, Sketchy Bongo. The masked music machine has delivered the goods once again, take a listen:

 If this don’t amp you up for a weekend of banging beats and boisterous bass, stay at home and watch reruns of Come Dine With Me rather. See you the kids!

id4 video post

/Interpret Durban 4 – Get Ready!

When we say it’s the biggest Durban party of the year, we ain’t lying. If you needed any more stoking out for the festivities due to hit City Hall on Saturday night, then take a quick peek at the ID4 promo video. It’s short, sweet and contains everything you need to know about the event. It also has a little Veranda Panda snippet, and you all know we’re suckers for the duo.

Join the Facebook event and keep up to date with the countdown to the Concrete Circus!

Interpret Durban 4 – City hall from INTERPRET DURBAN on Vimeo.

id4 lineup

/Interpret Durban 4 – On the Bill

Durban’s biggest party of the year is looming, promising to see in the month of August in style. Today they’ve announced (via their Facebook Page, which you should totally check out) the line-up set to blow off the roof of Durban City Hall, a 103-year-old building which just keeps on giving. Town halls are supposed to be a symbol of local government, but don’t let that put you off. Interpret Durban are using it to enhance the quality of life in the community, an often forgotten function of these types of buildings. It’s the celebration of vibrant art and music, and they couldn’t have chosen a better group of musical performers.

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/Roachy and the Rock Coaches

Roachy has been a Durban punk bra since his moment of conception, and has been plying his trade on the local scene for yonks. Genuine kief ou and a fan of a good party, we’re glad he’s recording some of his stripped back punk rock. If you haven’t had a chance to catch his tunes playlisted on the station during the week, take a listen below. Straight up feel-good stuff, great lyrics that actually mean something (a rarity these days) and rad acoustic work.

We really wish he was getting more love. He doesn’t play dubstep off a laptop, maybe that’s why? This feeling doesn’t only apply to Roachy (although there is a niggling bromance we have, bred from countless nights down at the local, that kinda puts him on a pedestal). In truth, there’s a long list of talent not getting supported and it’s grating. If this station does no more than help the said talent get a little closer to regular semi-stardom on wooden stage at your local once a week, then we’ve done some good.


The WhizzKids


jay z

/Jay-Z – Picasso Baby

My admiration for this guy transcends the mediocrity of “Magna Carter Holy Grail” and some of his other recent works. I’ve always known Jigga to be rocking life on expert mode, and I recently read this article unpacking how much of a ‘mogul’ he really is. His record deal with Samsung perfectly illustrates how to run a one-man business. As Hova appropriately puts it, “I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man.”

Well, he’s gone and done something out-the-box, again. His knowledge of art probably isn’t quite at the level of savant (his work was far from Picasso, baby), but the concept is brilliant. If music is art, and we go to galleries to see art, why not put himself up on show. The result is possibly the raddest art exhibition of the century…